About Pure Massage

The Pure Massage is a way of performing massage with a commitment to the highest code of ethics. Honoring the reality at all times that the body on the massage table is connected to a person in need of relief. Some of the codes of conduct include commitments to :

  • High Quality Care
  • To Do No Harm
  • Provide a Hygienic Session
  • To Informed Consent and Confidentiality
  • To Honesty and Professionalism
  • To Abide by Laws Prohibiting Sexual Impropriety
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What Clients Say About Their Pure Massage Experience

“We absolutely love the convenience of having massage in our home. Sandra is professional and punctual. She gives a consistent massage time after time, thats why she has been our massage therapist for over 7 years. "

                Mr and Mrs Jacobson

"I didn't even know what trigger points were until I met Sandra. I had constant pain in my neck and shoulder from a car accident years ago. She works on specific trigger points each week, and I dont even notice my pain now. 

              Mrs. Cairns

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Initial Evaluation

 At your first session, I will ask about the location, type, and duration of your tightness or achy pains. Your session can be massage of the full body, or just focus on an area of concern, such as the low back, for instance. 

Keep  in mind that trigger point work to release muscle knots and relieve myofacial pain takes time, because I have to apply a series of targeted compressions, waiting until I feel the release. This means that sometimes both goals of a full body relaxing massage and the most effective pain relief cannot be performed in one session. But with a series of sessions, knots release usually more quickly, and there are not as many of them, so the remaining time can be spent on other desired areas of the body, feeling like a spa massage.

If at any time the pressure is too much, or not enough, I encourage feedback from clients as part of an active communication flow. The aim is to give you "your best massage", not just my massage performed on you. 

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